oscar rae 1.0


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It’s always difficult designing for yourself and our first website was no exception. Initially unsure of our direction, both in brand style and in the type of work we would be attracting, we decided to let our imagination go wild and have fun.

Our love for all things space kept cropping up among the many ideas we had and eventually we gave in and followed where it led. It seemed obvious once we had settled upon the theme for the website that we wanted to go against the grain and have the site scroll in the opposite way to what was conventional. Employing the programming skills of Paul Lo (now of Omnis Intelligence), we set about designing a website that would take you on a journey into space. With much of the work in the portfolio being constrained by client branding, it was an interesting and enjoyable exercise to break the mould, be extra creative and to come out with a design that was fun, exciting and showed what we could be capable of.

Nine years on, it’s finally time to say goodbye to our interstellar site and hello to oscar rae 2.0.

The original oscar rae site can be viewed here.