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After our work with the South African-based charity, SAYes Mentoring, we were asked by their German support organisation, Friends of SAYes, to redesign and build their website in 2016.

A new structure and design meant that there was an opportunity to do more than simply migrate existing content from one place to another. As well as expanding the site, we proposed making the site bilingual since they fundraised all over Europe, including in the UK. The original website was a blog site and while this content would still be an essential part of the new construct, founder of Friends of SAYes, Sabine Schmidt, really wanted to add more information as well as the ability to take donations.

What design had already been done for the organisation had followed that of the parent charity, and we used the same colours and fonts within our own design. We added links to SAYes’s platforms to the content, as well as giving information and news about their German supporters and their fundraising efforts. The result was a comprehensive website that could not only stand on its own but worked well as a partner to SAYes Mentoring, reflecting the strengthening of their association.

This project was our first foray into designing and building on a WordPress platform. Whilst the learning curve was initially steep, we were extremely happy with how the website progressed and its end result.

The Friends of SAYes website can be viewed at