Summer Exhibition


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Following on the back of the ‘Once there were sheep…’ exhibition panels, we were asked to provide posters and merchandise for Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School’s summer exhibition. The main part of the exhibition was the display of the felt pictures that the children had made. These would sit alongside our panels, but the headteacher also wanted to produce something special to offer parents.

One of the ideas was that of a postcard book where each child’s artwork would be made into an individual postcard that would sit within a perfect bound book. The postcards would also be perforated so that they could be removed if desired. These books were collated for each of the year groups.

We also designed posters for each year group, which also featured the children’s artwork. These were used for promotion as well as being available to buy.

As with most projects, budget was key and with Woolenwick we have tried to create products that not only have more than one purpose but are also appealing to buy.

Printing: Keprintt

Summer Exhibition postcard books

A selection of postcards

  • Summer Exhibition class posters
    Summer Exhibition class posters