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The Mohn Westlake Foundation are a charitable trust funding charities and social enterprises furthering the development of young people.

We were first introduced to Marit Mohn, co-founder of the Mohn Westlake Foundation in 2016 when she was starting the process of setting up the charity. In 2018 she contacted us with regards to creating a website for her.

The Foundation was a blank canvas without branding and while there was a clear idea what the website would contain, we needed a visual identity on which to base its look. The structure of the website was straightforward and its aim was simple: to be informative and uncluttered. This was also the approach applied to the brand. The underpinning of the branding was choosing the right typeface, and all the options we presented to the Foundation were clean and elegant without being considered old-fashioned. The font became the emphasis for the logo and ultimately the colours chosen gave the brand a very grown up but approachable look.

The agreed website design was built in WordPress.

The Mohn Westlake Foundation website can be viewed at