Art in Architecture

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Why are there coloured tiles in the fountain in Stevenage town centre? And what happened to the missing Mondrian market sign? These were just a couple of the questions from children at Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School that sparked a whole new project.

Art in Architecture was a large project covering nearly the whole school year and was reflected in our work over two commissions, covering seven panels. Each panel documented a different stage of the children’s investigations.

There was no doubt that the obvious route in designing this project would be to draw inspiration from the artist himself. The challenge here was to produce a harmonious design which didn’t overload on either colour or content. Our own research into Mondrian’s work proved invaluable in creating a framework that could be easily adapted to content, but one that was still in-keeping with the artist’s principles of balance and contrast.

Printing: Phillips Digital

Our panels in situ at the launch of Woolenwick’s Art in Architecture exhibition

  • Photographing the children's Mondrian models
    Photographing the children's Mondrian models