Putting the Pieces Together

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Having worked with 3D Coaching on a number of smaller projects, we were approached to develop a logo for their newest subsidiary, 3D Teams. They also felt that their group logo looked dated but were undecided what to do with their recognisable brand.

During our initial meeting we suggested this could be the perfect time to reconsider the company brand and that we need not stray too far from the existing one. We suggested modernising the existing logo and incorporating the four subsidiaries, which at that point were only referenced in text but had no separate identities. The logical solution seemed to be to develop a group identity that both encompassed the four parts but would allow them to also stand alone.

As an established business it was clear that we should maintain 3D’s iconography. Giving the jigsaw piece a facelift by taking it from a positive to a negative space enabled us to split the logo into four, creating individual shapes for the subsidiaries’ identities – our entities that when they came together created the group logo. A more modern typeface and bright bold colours completed the new look.

Printing: Keprintt

The old and the new