What’s Your Story?

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Following on from their ‘Art in Architecture’ investigations, in 2019 Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School turned their attention from the town buildings to its inhabitants, resulting in a project entitled ‘Diversity Squared: What’s Your Story?‘.

As we were contracted to again record and document the children’s findings and work as a series of exhibition panels, it quickly became apparent that the clay models the children were making needed to be the star of the show. Representative of the townspeople the children interviewed, these beautifully observed and made clay models unveiled a diversity of characters and cultures within the town. We were then asked to take on the photography of these figures for inclusion in a catalogue for the summer exhibition, where they would also be displayed.

Our design for this catalogue was intended to be reminiscent of fine art gallery catalogues, clear and elegant, elevating the children’s models to works of art. Each child’s page would work two-fold, not only as part of the publication but designed in a way that they could stand alone and be framed for parents to take away.

During the photo shoot we also arranged and captured group scenes and took short revolving videos, which were included in the school’s show presentation.

Panel printing: Phillips Digital
Catalogue printing: Keprintt

Exhibition panels

  • Diversity Squared: What’s Your Story? exhibition catalogue
    Diversity Squared: What’s Your Story? exhibition catalogue.